The DS Forum will be open to any Bristol University employee who self-identify as being disabled, with a core working group of six to ten members to move the Forum’s ideas forward.  Members will adhere to confidentiality and respect as set out by the DS Forum.

Joining the DS Forum Mailing List

You can join the DS Forum mailing list using either of the two methods outlined below:

A) Autosubscribe by Email

  1. Create a blank email from your University email address
  2. Delete any email signature
  3. Insert the subject: subscribe staff-disability-forum
  4. Send the email to 

B) Subscribe Online

You will need to be logged onto the University network to follow these instructions. Alternatively you can be logged in via the University remote desktop.


Go to the University of Bristol mailing list webpage

Log on using University of Bristol Single Sign On box on the top left hand side of the page.
Logging on to Sympa mailing list manager

Once signed in use the search bar to look for staff-disability-forum.
Sympa mailing list search bar

In the search result, click on the DS Forum mailing list address
Sympa mailing list search results

To subscribe click Subscribe from the left hand menu.
Subscribe button

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking Unsubscribe.